Oncecoin Exchange Notifaction By GGN Services

Oncecoin Exchange Notifaction By GGN Services


So what do you want to do to begin being profitable with onecoin?

First, open an account with a dealer with the aid of using clicking here (you’ll want to go into your name, e mail address, telecellsmartphone number, password, pick the account foreign money and tick to reveal your agreement; click on Register)

Step-with the aid of using-step you’ll be proven 7 hints describing what’s displayed to your account. Look via all of the cloth with the aid of using pressing «NEXT STEP» after each description.

” OneCoin is absolutely legal, in compliance with European and national legislation, and is ready to support its position before national and supranational authorities “. This is what OneCoin Ltd , a company active in the promotion and dissemination of the homonymous cryptocurrency and the subject of a precautionary measure by the Antitrust , which has suspended its activities to ascertain any incorrectness of the system, is keen to specify and sustain in a note .

“The provision of the Guarantor Authority has a purely precautionary and provisional nature – explains OneCoin, commenting on the news of the block which took place at the end of 2016 -. Moreover, we are waiting for the decision of the competent TAR to intervene on the matter , following the outcome of the appeal judgment of the provision, it being understood that the undersigned company will take all necessary legal countermeasures in order to protect its image and good name “.

Blockchain in the energy sector: what opportunities for P2P energy exchange?

Allows the sending of invitations to cultural events and initiatives of each of the Holders, as well as the sending of communications regarding white papers and / or editorial content and / or other information regarding their activities with automated and traditional contact methods

The Antitrust provision affected the company and the two natural persons who had registered the sites linked to it onecoinsuedtirol.it and onecoinitaliaofficial.it (the third onecoinitalia.com was blocked following the start-up). The investigation, which originated from reports received from Consob and the Ctcu association of Bolzano, meanwhile continues its path to shed light on the functioning of the system.

If in truth the chart is going up, as you predicted, you’ll get $1.92 again to your account (in place of your preliminary one dollar!). Now you need to make your subsequent exchange, however this time you have to select the alternative value: DOWN (the quantity and time do not trade; preserve them at $1 and 1 minute).

So let’s say the chart is going the alternative manner and your exchange isn’t successful. That way you want to elevate the following exchange to $three and trade the path of the chart again (i.e. If your closing preference turned into DOWN, now you need to select UP);

The chart another time doesn’t move the manner you wanted, and also you lose this exchange too. This is not anything to fear about (remember, with this method you continually make again your losses!). In order to recoup your losses and make a earnings now, you need to growth the exchange to $8 (do not trade the time of the exchange). Then select DOWN (as we selected UP the closing time).

Great! That time you selected the proper path and got $15.36 (you made up on your losses and earned extra money!). Now move again to buying and selling at $1 and begin over again. This time you need to select UP. That’s why it’s referred to as the “up-down” method.

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