OneCoin Newsletter, June ninth, 2020

What’s included for this present week?

* The Legend of the One: The Global OneLife Event

* One Academy… The Heart

* Special Notice for IMAs to refresh Accounts

* Announcement of New DealShaker Country Managers

* Merchant’s Shout Out

*Australia’s DealShaker Shop

*Business 2 Business in DealShaker

* Official Channels made for Global DealShaker Community

*Online Global DealShaker Expo 25th July 2020

* Events Calendar

* 10K Promotion

* Super Split

* Dr. Ruja’s Quote of the Week

* One Academy Quote of the Week

* Lucky Training Draw Special Awards

* Co-Captains Board’s Special Lucky Training Draw Extra

* Captain’s Corner

* The Legend of the One: Bucharest Romania




In contributing, hazard and return are profoundly connected. The hazard return tradeoff expresses that the potential return ascends with an expansion in chance. Put away cash can render higher benefits just if the speculator will acknowledge a higher chance of misfortunes…

What does the OneAcademy state

“Without playing on a hazardous market, one may contend, how are you going to have an important yield, since contributing on a market where the hazard levels are low implies that you will rival more prominent number of individuals for lower pay. Try not to surrender to such contentions. Uncommonly high profits mean just remarkably high possibility of losing everything. The general thought is that you need to accomplish great parity of the advantage yields in your portfolio as opposed to endeavoring to buy however much of least secure resources as could reasonably be expected.

As a general guideline recollect that hazard and returns (rates of profitability, or ROI) are your significant terms for each financial specialist. You may have just comprehended that a positive connection exists between the two – the higher the hazard from one speculation, the higher the normal returns. This is valid for everything in field of account.”

We as a whole Need this Financial Education. Abstain from making horrendous Financial Blunders. The time has come to genuinely Go for The ONE ACADEMY COURSE and Tell Your Friends and Family to BUY the Package and experience the ACADEMY.

The time has come.

Unique Notice for IMAs to refresh AccountsDear Members,

We might want to advise you that inside the following a month (until 22/06/2020), EVERYONE MUST refresh ALL their IMA accounts with the phone number that they at present use. On the off chance that YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE IMA ACCOUNT, YOU MUST INCLUDE THAT CURRENT PHONE NUMBER FOR EACH OF YOUR RESPECTIVE ACCOUNTS. This data is required so as to move ALL your records to our new OneLife framework. Each IMA’s telephone number will be utilized as an exceptional ID key interfacing every one of your records should you have mutiple. Subsequently, when a part signs in to one of his/her profiles utilizing the telephone number, he/she will approach all his/her different records in a single spot. That is the reason it is critical to fill in your CURRENT PHONE NUMBER in each record situated in “My Profile” by clicking “Alter” in the “Principle INFORMATION” box.

Declaration of New DealShaker Country Managers:

Spain, Nepal and Cambodia

We wish to stretch out congrats to:

Mr. Pedro Padro and Ms. Mary Santos for their arrangement as Country Managers for Spain

Mr. Pankaj Bajagai for his arrangement as Country Manager for Nepal

Mr. Suon Chhim for his arrangement as Country Manager for Cambodia

just as

Mr. Khut Sarat for his arrangement Assistant Country Manager for Cambodia

We additionally accept this open door to illuminate our OneLife Community that:

Ms. Mitchai De La Cruz is the ONLY Country Manager for the Philippines

what’s more,

We salute Ms. De La Cruz for the difficult work she has been accomplishing for her Community

Vendor’s Shout Out

As a coordinated piece of the One Ecosystem, the DealShaker stage builds ease of use of the OneCoin. It urges IMAs and Merchants to join the stage, to purchase and sell items and administrations. We need to help our supporters of remember the Merchant Shout Out element for Merchants who show elevated levels of inspiration, execution, and client care. Obviously, it is normal that the Merchant will produce extra footing and exposure through this portion of the Newsletter.

Send us your accounts and recommendations! We will offer tributes to vendors with dynamic arrangements, as our method of saying “Much obliged!”. All groups can send their yell out recommendations to:

Give pictures and subtleties on the area of the shipper, the sort of arrangements offered, name of the trader or business and why you think they are deserving of a SHOUT OUT.

THIS WEEK’S SHOUT OUT GOES TO Z7 ‘Out of the Box’ Recruiters Ltd situated in Diego Martin in the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This very entrenched and experienced Merchant offers an assortment of Spa Therapy Deals for 100% ONEs. This past Mothers’ Day all the merited mothers who got Gift Certificates for Z7 ‘Out of the Box’ Recruiters Ltd re-stimulating and restoring Spa Services, gave rave audits on the inviting condition, the educational and neighborly administrations of Z7 ‘Out of the Box’ Recruiters Ltd.

These moms were blessed to receive specials, for example, the ‘SPA ESCAPE PACKAGE’ comprehensive of Aromatherapy Facial Treatment and a Regular Pedicure, likewise the ‘Wonderful INDULGENCE SPA PACKAGE’ comprehensive of Aromatherapy, Full Body Exfoliation Scrub and Full Body Relaxing Massage and mothers won’t overlook the ‘SPALICIOUS SKIN CARE’ and the ‘SPALICIOUS “Basically FOR YOU” SPA PACKAGE’ for 100% Ones. There is no uncertainty that the spoiling and the chance to escape from their ordinary schedules were invited by all the fortunate mothers who were lucky to appreciate the experience. All around done Z7 ‘Out of the Box’ Recruiters Ltd. Continue kneading those arrangements Z7 ‘Out of the Box’ Recruiters Ltd, as we realize that Fathers would be anticipating seeing what you would offer to revive them for Fathers’ Day this long stretch of June!!!

Australia’s DealShaker first ShopDear OneLife Members,

Australia concentrates more on convenience and every day use of our OneCoin. Each State has an arrangement to have a particular DealShaker place where IMAs can buy items with their ONEs. Our first Shop was determined to the 23rd May 2020 at the Darwin Community Fair. Different States will go with the same pattern and the desire is that soon, every State will have a spot where individuals can come and utilize their ONEs.

Congrats to OneLife Australia!!!

Thanh Duong ODC and CM Australia

Worldwide Business to Business in ONE

Energizing Announcement

We are satisfied to make this energizing declaration and offer some superb news for our Merchants who are effectively Involved in Buying and Selling on the DealShaker Platform

Calling all DealShaker Merchants offering arrangements of 40% or more in coins

Presently you can join this Special gathering to make more prominent exchangeability

There are only 3 straightforward inquiries to answer when you attempt to enter in the gathering:

1. It is safe to say that you are a DealShaker Merchant and tolerating at any rate 40% or more in ONEs? On the off chance that indeed, at that point please answer ‘YES’

2. As of now, what level of ONEs would you say you are tolerating?

3. If it’s not too much trouble enter your dynamic DealShaker interface in the event that you are tolerating at least 40% ONEs, for confirmation purposes.


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We are cheerful and pleased to report that the GLOBAL DEALSHAKER ONLINE EXPO/FAIR will be held just because on 25th July 2020 with every single joined nation, many Entrepreneurs along with a huge number of offers.

Is it true that you are prepared to appreciate it?

DealShaker invites you to another stage!!!

Occasions CALENDAR10th June – seventeenth June 2020

Excessively SPLIT

Dr. Ruja’s Quote of the Week

One Academy Quote of the Week

Fortunate Training Draw Special Awards

Co-Captains Board Special Lucky Training Draw ExtraGood day everybody!

Because of overpowering solicitations and the worldwide reaction from numerous pioneers, the Company has chosen to permit the Co-Captains Board’s Promotion and the VIP ticket deals to proceed until June 15th2020. In that capacity, any individual who buys Category 1 of the DIGITAL TRAINING and along these lines takes an interest in the Lucky Training Draw, will get a reward of 10 extra Lucky Draw chances giving an aggregate of 30 possibilities. This buy must be made before the expansion lapses on the fifteenth June 2020.

We urge everybody to exploit this augmentation of ticket deals for this energizing and productive Training Event!!!


For your installment of €199 or VIP Special offers please go to the site of

After installment of your Lucky Training Draw or VIP tickets please send an email of evidence of installment to.


Any Group/Or Single Purchase of 10 Lucky Training Draw tickets without a moment’s delay for the whole of €2000 will get 400 Chances altogether.


Fabulous Global Team – Tranzactioneaza cu OneCoin in DealShaker (

Fabulous Global Team își propune să promoveze moneda digitală OneCoin în România, rețeaua DealShaker și avantajele comunității OneLife. Echipa de experți Fanta

Fabulous Global Team – Tranzactioneaza cu OneCoin in DealShaker (

Fabulous Global Team își propune să promoveze moneda digitală OneCoin în România, rețeaua DealShaker și avantajele comunității OneLife. Echipa de experți Fanta

“Skipper’s co

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