OneCoin Exchange News Announcement

We are Pleased to Announce Wonderful News for our Merchants who are Actively Involved in Buying and Selling on DealShaker to Create genuine Exchangeability.

Vendors Accepting from half or Above in ONE are Allowed to Join this VIP Group to make Greater Exchangeability.

We have Created a Private Group Called Global Business to Business in ONE which will be an Exclusive Group for all the Active Merchants Who are Accepting From half or above in ONE(Some Exceptions will be Considered).

We will Bring all the Global Merchants in this Group to Increase the Exchangeability Where Every Active Merchant will Have an Opportunity to utilize their ONEs.

If it’s not too much trouble Join this Group on the off chance that you are a Merchant and Accepting between 40% to half or above in ONE.

Here is the connection!

Kindly try not to Join this Group on the off chance that you are NOT a Merchant and Accepting less, at that point 40% in ONE.

Observing Rules Apply for Joining

1. Exemptions May be Considered for Those who are Accepting Between 40% to half in ONE.

2. You will be Asked Couple of Questions by the System Before you are Actually Allowed to Enter the Group, say Yes or No and Please Provide your Merchant Profile interface for our Verification Process.

3. When you are Permitted to Join our Group then our Experts Will Regularly be Monitoring Your Price. In this way, Please Make Sure you Have Compared Your Price Value on Other Comparison Site’s Before you Share any Deals on this Platform Otherwise the Management Reserve the Right to Remove the Merchant from this Platform and Negative Reviews will be Recorded Against that Merchants on the Global Platform Which may Damage your Reputation Among Global DealShaker Family.

On the off chance that you Agree with every single Above Condition, at that point Please Request for Joining Through the Link Below Otherwise Share this Link With Those Merchants who are Accepting Minimum 40% or more in ONE. Much obliged to You 😊

We wish to stretch out congrats to:

Mrs. THOURAYAB JEBARI for her arrangement as Country Manager for Tunisia

Mr. DJOURO BIENVENU RAOUL and Mr. YEBOUE CHRISTIAN PATRICK for their arrangement as Joint Country Managers for the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)

Mr. VUKILE VOKWANA for his arrangement as Co-Country Manager for the Republic of South Africa and Mr. EDWARD MATTHEWS for his arrangement as Co-Country Manager for Lesotho

Ms. KWANGJA AHN for her arrangement as Country Manager for the Republic of South Korea

We particularly observe NEW Country Manager of China Mr. TERENCE LIM and Assistant Country Manager SHAN HONGWEI of China

If you don’t mind note the accompanying structure is intended to bring full solidarity and backing from the most extreme measure of various lines making ONE CHINA DealShaker.

China Regional Managers:


South China – SHAN HONGWEI

Focal China – TERENCE LIM

North China – LIU YU FANG

Northwest China – LIU YU FANG

Southwest China – YANG XUESHAN

Upper east China – LI MING JIN



Declaration of New DealShaker Country Managers:


Dealer’s Shout Out

As a coordinated piece of the One Ecosystem, the DealShaker stage expands ease of use of the OneCoin. It urges IMAs and Merchants to join the stage, to purchase and sell items and administrations. We need to help our endorsers of remember the Merchant Shout Out component for Merchants who exhibit elevated levels of inspiration, execution, and client assistance. Obviously, it is normal that the Merchant will create extra footing and exposure through this section of the Newsletter.

Send us your accounts and recommendations! We will offer tributes to shippers with dynamic arrangements, as our method of saying “Bless your heart!”. All groups can send their yell out recommendations to:

Give pictures and subtleties on the area of the trader, the kind of arrangements offered, name of the dealer or business and why you think they are deserving of a holler.


Tulsani Bhavesh Brijlal, Located Opp SBI Bank, Sirpattni Road, Ghogha Circle, Bhavnagar, Gujrat, India. This Merchant is very notable for the arrangement of things being sold on the DealShaker stage, including an assortment of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), palatable oils, individual consideration things, sustenance items, food things, squeezes and beans. Tulsani Bhavesh Brijlal is tolerating half Ones for FMCG at Market an incentive with coupons being sold on everyday schedule. All around done Tulsani Bhavesh Brijlal we anticipate your proceeded with progress!!

Report on Online expo Kazakhstan Kygyzstan and Uzbekistan

On May 24, 2020, we held the DealShaker International Online Expo of three nations: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, with 11 Cities being spoken to. The Merchants of these three fundamental Central Asian nations were engaged with this occasion. This online expo was fruitful for all members, there were 34 Merchants showing their products and ventures and we encountered more than 1000 visits. The accomplishment of the occasion and partnership of the pioneers genuinely roused and spurred individuals from the three nations.

CM Kazakhstan: Gaukhar Tambetova

CM Kyrgyzstan: Kaliya Toktogulova

CM Uzbekistan: Sholpan Baltabayeva

GNLG Kazakhstan: Elmira Tundybayeva

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